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How to Keep your Legal Fees Down

For most, if not all, clients, minimizing the expense of litigation or other legal services is one of the top priorities.  What many fail to do, however, is to take positive steps to help realize that goal.  Sometimes this can be attributed to highly charged, emotional situations in which it is difficult for the client … Continue reading

Oregon DUII Part 1 – Potential Benefits of the Breathalyzer

A Good Night Suddenly Turned Bad You’ve just left your friends behind after an enjoyable night and are headed home to the comfort of your own bed.  Then that sinking feeling as you see the red and blue flash in your rear-view mirror.  You have just been pulled over and, though you may feel fine, … Continue reading

Oregon Marijuana Diversion

“But I thought marijuana was legal in Oregon?” Given the trending attitudes of youth toward recreational drugs, as reported in the mainstream news and portrayed in media, and especially given the anecdotes regarding marijuana use in Oregon, it may be a surprise to many that marijuana possession is illegal in Oregon (with the obvious exceptions … Continue reading