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How to Keep your Legal Fees Down

For most, if not all, clients, minimizing the expense of litigation or other legal services is one of the top priorities.  What many fail to do, however, is to take positive steps to help realize that goal.  Sometimes this can be attributed to highly charged, emotional situations in which it is difficult for the client … Continue reading

Understanding the Legal and Practical Risks of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, blogs, vlogs – today’s social media outlets provide any number of ways for people and businesses to connect, from sharing photos and recipes with friends and family, to planning vacations, to building your customer base or hyping a new song, movie, or product. Most people and businesses, however, are too … Continue reading

The College Send Off Done Right

Now is the time many families look forward to the storied day when they send their children off to college.  It is a time to celebrate, as the child and the family have all worked hard toward this goal.  Often, in this hopeful and hectic time, lost among the campus tours, class schedules, text books, … Continue reading

The Sondra Shineovich Story

 In 2006, Ms. Sondra Shineovich came to our offices needing legal assistance. After a long, hard battle, and with the appellate work of Mr. Mark Johnson Roberts (now ‘of counsel’ with Gevurtz Menashe), the Oregon Court of Appeals declared unconstitutional the Oregon laws granting presumptive parental rights to heterosexual husbands of women who bear children … Continue reading

Florida same-sex custody battle a sign of changes to come?

In an interesting twist on  Oregon’s own Shineovich v. Kemp and similar cases, a Florida woman who donated an egg that was fertilized and implanted in her then-partner fights for parental rights to her now eight-year-old daughter, whom she hasn’t seen in years. http://news.yahoo.com/same-sex-custody-battle-could-change-florida-law-141246936.html

The big ‘D,’ and we don’t mean Dallas. What to expect of the divorce process.

It goes without saying that divorce is rarely a pleasant experience for anyone.  Knowing what to expect of the process, however, can help you avoid at least some of the anger, sadness, and frustration and assist your divorce or family law attorney in making your case. How much time is involved? Typically, in Oregon, anyway, … Continue reading