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How to Keep your Legal Fees Down

For most, if not all, clients, minimizing the expense of litigation or other legal services is one of the top priorities.  What many fail to do, however, is to take positive steps to help realize that goal.  Sometimes this can be attributed to highly charged, emotional situations in which it is difficult for the client … Continue reading

The College Send Off Done Right

Now is the time many families look forward to the storied day when they send their children off to college.  It is a time to celebrate, as the child and the family have all worked hard toward this goal.  Often, in this hopeful and hectic time, lost among the campus tours, class schedules, text books, … Continue reading

Oregon Transfer-on-Death Deeds – A New Club for your Estate Planning Bag?

I remember when my Dad bought his first 7-Wood.  He was always looking for new and different clubs to add to his golf game.  His golf buddies tried it out and pretty well unanimously decided it was useless.  My Dad, however, consulted with the club pro about incorporating it into his game, and practiced and … Continue reading

Don’t Step in That… Common Estate Planning Mistakes, Part 2

We pick up where we left off yesterday, regarding many common estate planning mistakes that can be avoided by consulting a qualified attorney (before it’s too late, of course). 6.  Failing to plan for incapacity. I don’t know how accurate it is but I’ve heard it mentioned that the average American between the ages of … Continue reading

Don’t Step in That… Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Part 1 Okay, so you’ve read about how important a will or other estate plan can be (or maybe you haven’t yet but can remedy that by clicking here).  Now you’re thinking about your estate plan and how to provide for those people, pets, and causes you care about most after you are gone.  Here is … Continue reading

Poll – Do you have a will?

What’s the big deal? Why you need a will.

The purpose of a last will and testament. Black’s Law Dictionary defines a ‘will’ as follows: n, 2. A document by which a person directs his or her estate to be distributed upon death <there was no mention of his estranged brother in the will>.  A will is, then, a tool that allows you to … Continue reading