Client Feedback

Some thankful words we’ve received from recent clients:

“Thank you, Dave Owens, for helping us in our time of need.  Your presence at the settlement conference was nothing less than a miracle.  Thank you so much for being patient and considerate and, most of all, a man of integrity.”  – D.H.

“Thank you for seeing me through these trying times.  Although I am still in the process of rebuilding and continue to feel the strain of this major disruption to my medical practice (and personal life), the future does hold some brightness.” – Dr. J.D.

“Our family thanks you for all of your dedication and time you’ve put forth for us.  We are more grateful than any words can say.  We would have crumbled with confusion and sadness long before this if you had not stepped forward with your kindness to help clarify our rights.  If God were to send us angels here on earth, I’d say you’re as close as we could get.  We hope and pray our grandchildren will be back with our family soon…” – The B. Family

“Thanks for all your good work.” – E.

If you are a current or former client of OSPW and would like to leave a comment regarding your experience with our firm, we’d much appreciate hearing from you.


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